NESTREST – A little suspended sanctuary

NESTREST - A little suspended sanctuary

Thanks to its harmonious, welcoming and protective structure, NESTREST transforms the typical garden sofa into a mini-architecture, a place suspended, secluded, enveloping, cradling and reassuring as a hug, ideal for relaxation, meditation and conversation en plein air.

For the realization of NESTREST is used a fiber DEDON particularly resistant (4 cm instead of the usual 2 cm) which allows to obtain a supporting tissue characterized by exceptional properties. Protects and conceals from prying eyes from outside, while inside you can look almost freely outside. A real sense of security!

The creators of NESTREST, a new and innovative suspended spaceship braided with DEDON, a fiber of extra dimensions, are two of the most intriguing designers in Paris: Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety. I want it! 🙂



Mediterranean atmosphere…

Mediterranean atmosphere...

Beautiful stairway in Positano, Italy.


Happy Valentine Day! :)

Happy Valentine Day! :)


A rainbow in the metro…

A rainbow in the metro...

Rainbow Metro station in Montreal


Spiderman and Batman as window washers!

Spiderman and Batman as window washers!

Window washers at a children’s hospital in Pittsburgh…an original idea! 🙂


Colors at the Taj Mahal…

Colors at the Taj Mahal...


Magical atmosphere…

Magical atmosphere...

The Old Library, The Hague, Netherlands


A mouth-watering painting…

A mouth-watering painting...

Roberto Bernardi is a fabulous painter!

Bonbons, candies, cupcakes and sweets of all kinds: his ingredients are neither sugar nor gelatin, but brushes and acrylic paints. Wow! 🙂


Beautiful Curves

Beautiful Curves

London City Hall staircase


A feeling of emptiness…

A feeling of emptiness...

Cappadocia, Turkey


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