Mediterranean atmosphere…

Mediterranean atmosphere...

Beautiful stairway in Positano, Italy.



A rainbow in the metro…

A rainbow in the metro...

Rainbow Metro station in Montreal


World’s first mobile research center opens in Antarctica

The world’s first mobile research facility, designed by British firm Hugh Broughton Architects, has officially opened on the floating Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica.
Eight years in the making, the design arose from a competition held by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) which was won by Hugh Broughton Architects. Together with with AECOM and construction firm Galliford Try, they had to re-think the concept of a building to overcome the unique set of challenges they faced.
The new Halley VI is built with hydraulically elevated, ski-based modules allowing it to rise above the meters of annual snowfall, and be periodically rearranged or relocated inland as the ice-shelf moves.
Seven interlinking blue modules comprise the laboratories, offices, energy plants and bedrooms, while a central two-storey red module provides a social space.
The station will be home to up to 52 crew members in summer and just 16 in the three winter months of total darkness, when temperatures drop as low as -56C.
The grueling construction process had to be carried out during four Antarctic summers – each year they had only nine weeks, meaning the construction teams worked round the clock in the freezing conditions. The Brunt Ice Shelf is a region important for studying the Earth’s magnetic field and the near-space atmosphere; it was data from Halley V that led to the 1985 BAS discovery of the ozone hole.


Museum der Kulturen by Herzog & de Meuron

The Museum der Kulturen Basel dates back to the middle of the nineteenth century. Replacing the Augustinian monastery on the Münsterhügel the classicist building by architect Melchior Berri opened in 1849.

The “Universal Museum”, as it was then called, was the city’s first museum building. An extension by architects Vischer & Söhne was added in 1917.

Consisting of irregular folds clad in blackish green ceramic tiles, the roof resonates with the medieval roofscape in which it is embedded while functioning at the same time as a clear sign of renewal in the heart of the neighborhood.

The hexagonal tiles, some of them three-dimensional, refract the light even when the skies are overcast, creating an effect much like that of the finely structured brick tiles on the roofs of the old town. The steel framework of the folded roof allows for a column-free gallery underneath.

Part of the courtyard has been lowered and an expansive, gently inclined staircase leads down to the Museum entrance. Hanging plants and climbing vines lend the courtyard a distinctive atmosphere and, in concert with the roof, they give the Museum a new identity.

The weighty, introverted impression of the building is reinforced by the facades, many of whose windows have been closed off, and by the spiral-shaped construction for the hanging vegetation mounted under the eaves of the cantilevered roof above the new gallery. This is countered, however, by the foundation, which is slit open the entire length of the building and welcomes visitors to come in. These architectural interventions together with the vegetation divide the long, angular and uniform Vischer building of 1917 into distinct sections.

Designed to house both the sciences and the arts, the Museum der Kulturen, with holdings of some 300,000 objects, now holds one of the most important ethnographic collections in Europe thanks largely to continuing gifts and bequests.

Magical atmosphere…

Magical atmosphere...

The Old Library, The Hague, Netherlands


A feeling of emptiness…

A feeling of emptiness...

Cappadocia, Turkey


Stunning colors…

Stunning colors...

Castello di Sammezzano, Tuscany, Italy


Gaudì (detail)

Gaudì (detail)

Casa Milà, Barcelona


From Architizer…Top 10 “mind-blowing” libraries!

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
―  Jorge Luis Borges

From mobile centers of learning to ultra-sleek glass pyramids to even a pastel-colored Easter egg, in this Top 10 there are some utterly modern libraries that will blow your mind!! 🙂

Stuttgart_InsideStuttgart City Library
Stuttgart, Germany
Designed by Yi Architects









SeattleOutsideSeattle Central Library
Seattle, Washington
Designed by Rem Koolhaas






China_InsideNational Library of China
Beijing, China
Designed by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten






biblioteca-vasconcelosBiblioteca Vasconcelos
Mexico City, Mexico
Designed by Alberto Kalach






black-diamondThe Black Diamond
Copenhagen, Denmark
Designed by Schmidt, Hammer, Lassen








Philological Library at Free University, Berlin

Berlin, Germany Designed by Norman Foster




Library Technical University Delft

Delft, Netherlands. Designed by Mecanoo Architecten






MobileLibOutsideA47 Mobile Library
Designed by Productora
Mexico City, Mexico






ScholarInScholar’s Library
Olivebridge, New York
Designed by Peter Gluck and Partners







book-mountainBook Mountain and Library Quarter
Spijkenisse, Netherlands
Designed by MVRDV






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