Edward Gorey, the illustrator who frightened children!

Edward Gorey was an American writer and illustrator, famous for his macabre illustrated books. Today the doodle is  dedicated to him to celebrate 88 years since his birth!

“The humor of Mr. Gorey is not unhealthy, it is simply lethal.”

Here some illustrations of Mr. Gorey:


The Indigenous Beetle :)

It’s called the Vochol, a cross between the word ‘vocho’, slang in Mexico for the popular Beetle, and the word ‘Huichol’, the isolated indigenous natives of west central Mexico who spent seven months making it. This beautiful 1990 Volkswagen Beetle was hand decorated by two Huichol families using more than 2 million glass beads and bee’s wax to cover every inch of the car’s exterior and the dashboard. The finished artwork represents various landscapes of Mexico, religious messages and other symbols. The proud creation, an expression of cross culture in Mexico, is now traveling the world.


A mouth-watering painting…

A mouth-watering painting...

Roberto Bernardi is a fabulous painter!

Bonbons, candies, cupcakes and sweets of all kinds: his ingredients are neither sugar nor gelatin, but brushes and acrylic paints. Wow! 🙂