A perforated beauty salon in Osaka.

Yasunari Tsukada Design was commissioned to design Ajax, a newly opened hair salon in Kyobashi, an old downtown area of Osaka.

It is located in a multi-tenant building, a pleasant site with a lot of windows and the owner’s requirements were for “a styling space that brings sunlight into the interior while also hiding the exterior landscape from view.”
To accommodate the owner’s request, a white, perforated box made of iron plates and aluminum was inserted into the existing framework of the building  with three types of round holes in different sizes!

In this way the sunlight still fills the interior and the outside is obscured from the clientele’s view. These holes can also be used to install lighting fixtures or plug in hair dryers, giving them additional functions.

Areas devoted to other uses than hairstyling (such as the shampooing, rinsing, and waiting area) were painted black in order to create a contrast with the light; in fact the focus is on the white room where the stylists work!

As the sun sets, the interior of the hair salon suddenly begins to radiate light through the holes in the panels, just like a sort of lampshade. By limiting the number of windows on the perforated surface of this box, Yasunari Tsukada Design was able to create a calm, tranquil space that accentuates the feeling of illumination and the passage of time! I relly like it!





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