A boutique in Hong Kong by Fabio Novembre.

The Italian designer Fabio Novembre designed the interior of the HIT Gallery store, a branch of Italian retail group Ittiere, as a contemporary interpretation of a piazza. The purpose of these stores that will be opened around the globe is to capture the essence and spirit of Italy in new ways.

The store is located in the Times Square shopping centre on Hong Kong island and the design was inspired by the surrealist paintings of Greek-born Italian artist Giorgio De Chirico, which often feature faceless figures and arched colonnades.

The busts are shaped from perpendicular planes of wood to create shelves on which accessories are displayed.The walls are painted with the same light blue as the figures and a monochrome zig-zag pattern covers the floor. The colour defining the walls is a neutral shade which becomes the ideal backdrop for all the brands sold in the store.

Arched niches line three walls of the store, each containing garments hung from rails or shoes and bags on glass shelves. A curved wall punctured by more arches separates the cash desk from the rest of the shop.

Walls near to the shop window are angled to accommodate a column on one side and distort the entirely symmetrical perspective.

From: http://www.dezeen.com/2012/12/22/hitgallery-hong-kong-by-fabio-novembre/



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