PHANTOM: Mies as rendered society by Andrès Jaque

The Barcelona Pavilion as you’ve never seen it before: Spanish architect Andrés Jaque has filled Mies van der Rohe’s iconic structure with junk from its basement!

Mies as Rendered Society

Besides domestic tools such as a vacuum cleaner, Jaque has found a number of items that reveal traces of the building’s history, not just from its reconstruction in the 1980s but dating back to its original opening in 1929. The Barcelona Pavilion was dismantled in 1930, but was reconstructed over fifty years later using black and white photographs as reference. The basement area was deliberately created as a hidden storage and maintenance room. Most visitors to the pavilion are unaware of its existence, so Jaque imagined the things inside it to be like ghosts.



For the exhibition, entitled “PHANTOM. Mies as Rendered Society”, the architect presents each item with a detailed description of its history. Several pieces of broken glass show early attempts to match the shade of the original windows in the Carpet Room, while a stack of cushions reveal how many visitors have sat on the iconic Barcelona chairs, wearing them out so that they need regular replacing. A display of flags denotes the Federal Republic of Germany, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and the European Union, all of which have been flown on the Pavilion’s flagpoles at different stages in its history.


Other items on show include a swinging door that had to be replaced after a breakage, salt once used to keep the pool water clear and cracked travertine from the pavilion’s floor.


The exhibition is the latest in a series at the Barcelona Pavilion and it will remain open to visitors until 27 february.

The Barcelona Pavilion

Photography is by Miguel de Guzman.

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