A translucent house in Tousuien…by Makoto Tanijiri

House in Tousuien

A singular house in Tousuien is one of the latest projects of the japanese architect Makoto Tanijiri (Suppose Design Office) , completely surrounded by a translucent skin and designed for a couple with three children in the city of Hiroshima.  The house absorbs the natural light during the day and then turn into a sort of lantern at night, but does not establish a direct dialogue with the road. In fact this building has not a transparent surface and shadows, mystery and movement characterize its aspect! The interior design is clearly in favor of extreme sempicity; the steel framework of the white painted structure, along with the cement and the wood floor of the living room, are both structural and decorative elements, thanks to the attention to details.  On the ground floor, the garage is like a gallery, with its collection of motorcycles, and is treated with the same finish as the other rooms. With the exception of the exposed and silver painted hydraulic system, there is no indication that this is the back of the house.

House in Tousuien

House in Tousuien

House in Tousuien

From: http://www.domusweb.it/it/news/suppose-design-house-in-tousuien/



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