Bjarke Ingles Group and the park for the multi-ethnic integration in Copenhagen.

In the heart of Copenhagen, in the northern district of Nørrebro, there is the Superkilen, a huge urban park of 30,000 square meters born from the minds and the work of the architectural firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) together with Topotek1 and the visual artists of Superflex.  The project was commissioned by the municipality and aims at the creation of a park that favors the multiethnic and multicultural integration: in fact in this area there are 57 different communities living togheter.

The multiethnic park

The idea was to create a path to cross 60 countries during a walk in the park; the choice of colors and materials has a particular meaning for the people and unites them, even becoming an example for the neighboring districts and other European cities!

The multiethnic park

The infrastructure system of the district has been completely reworked, inserting new stops for public transport and expanding the existing bicycle paths.

The multiethnic park

The park is divided into three color areas: the green, the red and the black zone. The green zone is characterized by a real park designed as a play area and also has a small hill.
The red zone is the most flashy, its theme is the sport. The black area is developed as a relaxing space.

The multiethnic park




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